The Green Table®, a new 100% vegetable food solution

The Green Table®, innovative brand of 100% vegetable tasty ambient ready-to-eat convenient healthy meals.

The Green Table®, a new 100% vegetable food solution

Food innovation

The food solution of The Green Table® is new and innovative because of the specific sustainability technique to get a long shelf life, the selection of the ingredients, the specific sauce binding technology and the packaging innovation. The Green Table® forms a new category of food solutions, that supermarkets in The Netherlands have already accepted and indicated willingness to purchase.

The Green Table® is unique

The combination of the technological innovations in the recipe development, production process and packaging, leading to the unique selling points and added value shown below, offers the consumers and the environment many benefits. Especially for countries with a less well-developed food cooling system, the ambient products of The Green Table® offer added value with regard to logistics and diminishing food waste.

Motivation to develop

The Green Table® is being developed as a response to the urgent need of the green protein transition in order to reduce climate change and enhance the sustainability of global food supply, as well as to cater the increasing consumer’s needs of convenience and a healthy diet.

The Green Table® ’s added value

  • It is convenience food, ready-to-eat complete meals;
  • 100% vegetable;
  • Healthy, since the meals contain no animal proteins and a lot of vegetables and pulses, low fat, low salt;
  • Ambient or shelf-stable, can be stored at room temperature;
  • Clean label, hypo allergic, non-GMO;
  • Innovative packaging, no risk of burning your hands after regenerating in the microwave or oven;
  • Favourable in a Life Cycle Assessment: 30% reduction of recyclable packaging material, energy-saving since no cooling is needed, and low food waste;
  • Animal and environmental friendly, contributes to a better climate and sustainable food chain, low ecological footprint.