The Green Table

The Green Table® is the umbrella brand of 100% vegetable ambient ready-to-eat convenient healthy meals.

Food innovation

The food solution of The Green Table® is new and innovative because of the specific sustainable technique to get a long shelf life, the selection of the ingredients, the specific sauce binding technology and the packaging innovation. The Green Table® forms a new category of food solutions, that supermarkets in The Netherlands have already accepted and indicated willingness to purchase.

Brand identity

The Green Table® stands for green, convenient and healthy food. Responds to the opportunities of the trend of the green protein transition, with a strong consortium, an obvious market demand, and little competition in the category. The Green Table® is positioned as a mainstream premium brand, to be distributed by retailers, etailers and foodservice.

The Green Table® ’s unique selling points

  • It is convenience food, ready-to-eat tasty complete meals;
  • 100% vegetable;
  • Ambient or shelf-stable, can be stored at room temperature;
  • Clean label, hypo allergic, non-GMO;
  • Innovative packaging, no risk of burning your hands after regenerating in the microwave or oven;
  • Favourable in a Life Cycle Assessment: 30% reduction of recyclable packaging material, energy-saving since no cooling is needed, and low food waste;
  • Animal and environmental friendly, contributes to a better climate and sustainable food chain, low ecological footprint.