Taste as catalyst to leverage sales of plant-based proteins

Gastronomeat is a range of tasty meal components with a high culinary standard based on the best meat substitutes and cooking techniques.

Meat substitutes

The market of plant-based proteins is growing, though its consumption is just a fraction compared to that of animal-based proteins. The current offer of meat substitutes as basic products still focuses on imitating animal-based proteins. This approach contributes to consumers' perception of meat substitutes being a compromise, preventing them from becoming their first choice product.

Meat substitutes as a gastronomic experience

Innogusto developed an innovative approach to market meat replacers, named Organoleptic Food Concept Design (OFCD). This approach consists of starting with the holistic sensorial culinary customer experience and lifts meat replacers to a culinary level. Innogusto works with the best in class meat replacements, testing their behavior and organoleptic properties with different cooking techniques. The result is a variety of dishes and dish components, such as restaurant-quality ragouts, filled croquettes, koftes, terrines, soups and much more. The choice for meals with plant-based protein becomes a no-brainer, and the absence of meat is a non-issue, promoting them to a first choice level. Innogusto's dishes are designed to convert taste into a unifying factor where vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and last but not least, meat-lovers can enjoy the same meals. Moreover, people of different convictions (Christians, Muslims, Jews,  Hindus, etc.) can eat the same food.

Opportunity for meat-substitute producing companies.

Innogusto's OFCD approach allows meat substitute producing companies to offer their customers original and more diverse products with more appeal. The result is a less exchangeable offer and an increased brand value.