Specialty potato starch for glass noodles

Dutch-Chinese collaboration succeeds in using sweet-potato starch in sustainable supply of glass noodles.

Selectamyl™ D20 is a specialty  potato starch designed as a natural replacement for mung bean starch in starch noodles. Starch noodles made from Selectamyl™ D20 show excellent transparency with a preferred elastic texture.

In cooperation with the Wageningen University and Research centre (The Netherlands) and WuXi University (China) Avebe set up a program to study starch fundamentals of sweet potato starch for its functionality in glass noodles. The assumption was that the specific way in which this starch gelatinizes, combined with elevated amylose levels, provides the necessary clarity and elasticity for this highly appreciated noodle. Interestingly, these assumptions were proven to be false, which provided the team with some opportunities to develop an entirely new product which would be even more elastic, with better clarity. The solution was quite simple: sieve out the small granules and use these to make the noodles. “In fact, it was so simple that no one thought of it,” says Piet Buwalda, Starch Technology Manager at Avebe. So, Selectamyl™ D20 was created. This collaboration led to five publications and a patent as well as a better, more sustainable supply of noodles with greater affordability.