Hydrocolloid-like characteristics from potato starch

Innovative technology reduces fat content with benefits in creaminess, texturizing and gelling for many, diverse markets.

Etenia™ is the brand name of Avebe’s new texturizing range of enzymatically treated potato starch. Based on an innovative technology, the Etenia™ product range provides hydrocolloid like characteristics offering a new way of creaminess enhancement, texturizing, gelling and thickening products. Currently Etenia™ is available in several application areas as dairy, bakery, emulsified low fat spreads and confectionary.

Etenia™ is E-number free and can be declared starch in Europe and maltodextrin in the rest of the world. Etenia™ allows food manufacturers to lower the fat content of for example yogurts and desserts without compromise on sensory quality. Due to its unique properties, Etenia™ provides a sustainable solution for acid whey waste and enables major cost-savings in fresh cheese, cream cheese, quark and strained yoghurt.

During processing dairy, Etenia™ can easily be added to the process. Therefore, it’s easy to use. Furthermore, it has thermo reversible characteristics, is vegetarian, Kosher and Halal.

Etenia™ was the 2009 winner of the Food Valley Award.