Spare Harvest

Connecting and sharing to reduce food waste.

Spare Harvest

Problem of food waste

Food waste is a global problem.  There has been significant interest and investment in reducing food loss and waste from the production to retails levels of the food supply chain but little at the food consumption level.  Educational campaigns encouraging consumers to reduce portion size, shop better and improve cooking skills has done little to reduce food waste in homes across the world.


Spare Harvest connects people, so they can share what they have spare in their kitchens, gardens and farms.  Using a technical solution, Spare Harvest gives every single person a simple and easy way to reduce their food waste footprint. 

Members of the Spare Harvest community are sharing homegrown produce, herbs, eggs, honey, nuts, fermented food, jams, pickles, preserves, food scraps, coffee grounds, leftovers and unwanted unexpired items from the pantry and fridge.  They say your trash is someone else’s treasure, and it’s true. 

When consumers connect and share food resources, they are reused and repurposed, reducing consumption, reducing waste and reducing the number of greenhouse gases emitted from landfill.  Small actions, collectively make a big impact.

Get Involved

Consumers across the world now a way practical way to move on unwanted food resources to someone who will use them.  Through the Spare Harvest website or app, anyone anywhere in the world can start connecting with their community and create a food sharing hub.  Simply join the community for FREE, search listings or create a listing, connect with another member and exchange a resource. 

Share it, swap it or sell it, the choice is yours.  Spare Harvest is a great way to meet new people, keep valuable resources out of landfill and share tips and knowledge.  Spare Harvest is a great tool for anyone interested in building a more connected and sharing community.