PerfoTec: extending the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables

Smart packaging solutions for extending the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.

PerfoTec’s Respiration Control System extends the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables. By measuring the respiration rate of fruit and vegetables and adjusting the packaging accordingly, the shelf life can be extended significantly. Studies have shown that in-store fresh food waste can be reduced with 50% while sales increase by 10% due to better product quality.

Fruit and vegetables need oxygen to stay fresh. The amount needed varies by type and changes through the seasons. By controlling the amount of oxygen, the respiration rate and thus the aging process can be slowed down. This is achieved by changing the permeability of the packaging using micro-perforations. This needs to be delicately tuned: one micro-perforation more or less can make the difference between one or three days extra shelf life.

The respiration rate is measured by the patented Fast Respiration Meter®. The supplied software calculates the required packaging film permeability. The patented Online Laser Perforation System® adapts the film permeability during packing through micro-perforations. The camera checks each micro-perforation. The technology can easily be implemented in almost all existing packaging lines.