Extending the freshness of fruit and vegetables

PerfoTec has developed the patented Respiration Control System. By measuring the respiration rate of fresh fruit and vegetables in order to calculate the transmission per pack and accordingly adapt the film permeability through micro perforations, the system helps to extend the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.

PerfoTec is able to reduce waste by 50% on average, as several international retailers already have experienced by themselves. Furthermore, doubling the shelf life is an important benefit for consumers, as the increased sales volume proves. Extending the freshness of fruit and vegetables with PerfoTec makes it possible for packers and growers to reach new geographical areas. But it can of course also create a competitive advantage in existing markets. Extending the freshness also improves the efficiency of the operation both at the packer and at the retailer. The delivery frequency can be reduced and the packing process optimized.

Together with customers, technology partners and film suppliers PerfoTec is working on the global implementation of the technology. It’s ambition is to become the standard in the field of packaging fresh fruit and vegetables.