Mix for double layer low glycemic index bread

Crown Flour Mills has developed a mix for double layer low glycemic index bread.

Crown Flour Mills develops mixes based on in-depth research into consumer and business needs. They identified an opportunity in developing mixes for low glycemic index (GI) pita bread. It took Crown Flour Mills four years of research and development to come up with the mixes for the low GI breads which they launched in 2018. The product is a mix for sucrose-free bread that would be suitable for diabetic people. The mix can be used for all types of flat bread and flat baked goods, and for pizza and manakish dough bases.

This innovation is due to an increase in cases of type two diabetes which are becoming more common and as such low GI pita bread helps diabetics maintain a low glycemic index diet while still getting to enjoy the pita bread they are used to.