Mix for double layer gluten-free bread

Crown Flour Mills has developed a mix for double layer gluten-free bread.

Crown Flour Mills identified the health conscious trend with an increased demand for gluten-free breads and thus worked hard on finding the perfect mix. There was no gluten-free double layer pita bread available although this type of bread is the most commonly enjoyed in the Middle East. As such, Crown Flour Mills recognized a market opportunity in producing mixes for double layer gluten-free bread almost identical in taste and texture to the standard pita bread.

The gluten-free bread mix is based on rice, soy, corn, and potato flour. The product is intended for the manufacturing of gluten-free bakery mixes for all types of flat breads, flat baked goods, and pizza and manakish dough bases.

Although a limited number of people have Celiac disease or are gluten intolerant, many prefer gluten free bread as it makes them feel less bloated. Again, giving them a double layer pita bread option allows preserve their food preferences, while maintaining the health conscious lifestyle they demand.