PhageGuard Listex™: Breakthrough against Listeria

PhageGuard Listex is a natural, organic and FDA-approved solution that combats Listeria.

PhageGuard Listex™: Breakthrough against Listeria

100 percent natural and organic, PhageGuard Listex is an FDA-approved organic solution that specifically combats Listeria. The PhageGuard advantage is precision. It is targeted to eliminate Listeria in your food products, without affecting taste, odor or texture.

Listeria Solution

Micreos has found that nature usually offers its own best solutions, as exemplified by the ability of phages to eliminate pathogenic bacteria such as Listeria. This breakthrough technology has enabled Micreos to introduce PhageGuard Listex against Listeria.

PhageGuard Listex  is a culture of bacteriophages (or phages for short) that effectively eliminates Listeria. Phages occur in nature, are specific to their target bacterial species, do not affect desirable bacteria in foods or in the human gastrointestinal tract, and do not alter the finished product’s organoleptic properties (such as taste, texture and color).

PhageGuard Listex

PhageGuard Listex is applied by topical spraying of immersion and is easily incorporated into the food producer’s production process. LISTEX™ is listed by the Organic Material Review Institute meaning it can be used during the processing of natural and organic foods. As may be expected there is a broad regulatory acceptance as a processing aid in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, USA, etc. PhageGuard Listex™ is the most cost-effective intervention on the market.

Listeria monocytogenes remains one of the most important threats to food safety, due to its high mortality rate (over 20 percent) and the risk it poses to pregnant women. This insidious species can grow at refrigeration temperatures, and as the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) notes in its Listeria Action Plan for Retail Delis, published in November 2012, “Retail delis provide an ideal environment for Listeria due to the types of foods — RTE meats, cheeses, and salads — the moist environment, and temperatures that support growth of Listeria”.

Micreos' technology is applied in many areas, including human health, animal health, food safety and agriculture.