Kohjin’s Ajirex NH

A unique yeast extract, neutral in taste and enhancing anthocyanin color, creaminess and mouthfeel.

The use of high nucleotide yeast extracts, even in low dosages, often results in unwanted taste effects in sweet, dairy and beverage applications. The nucleotides in these extracts are responsible for this umami taste effect.

Kohjin has always been an innovation leader in yeast extracts and has developed a yeast extract without umami taste. Ajirex NH contains no nucleotides and is also extremely low in free amino acids, including glutamic acid. Free amino acids give regular yeast extracts a bouillon taste, making them applicable only in savory applications. Therefore, Ajirex NH is truly applicable in sweet, dairy and beverage applications because a bouillon and umami taste is completely absent.

Ajirex NH contains special peptides and dietary fibers and is specially developed to enhance creaminess in dairy products, making it possible to reduce fat while maintaining a creamy taste and mouthfeel. Gradually more benefits of this unique product are being discovered. Ajirex NH masks bitterness of for instance KCl, it improves the taste of high intensity sweeteners like stevia and acesulfame K, it masks oxidized, powdery or protein off notes, and last but not least the product enhances and stabilizes the red and blue anthocyanin color of fruits and vegetables.