Healthy Proteins

Oxiproteomics Healthy Proteins allows easy access to scientific substantiation behind food marketing claims by detection, quantification and identification of “healthy” proteins (undamaged from oxidative stress) in biological and food samples.

Healthy Proteins

End consumers are more and more sensitive and concerned about food quality. Proteins are the functional backbones of our body and our good health depends on their quality. Food protein quality has been defined as its ability to provide essential amino acids in sufficient quantity where needed after digestion.

However, proteins are processed before we have access to finished goods. Indeed, depending on food origin, processing, packaging, transport and storage, some damaging modifications (protein oxidation) can impair protein nutritional benefits. The intake of foods with low levels of oxidized proteins protects body damages and improves health status. Indeed increased levels of oxidized proteins are associated with age related diseases (cardiovascular, neurodegenerative and cancers). Oxiproteomics patented technology is based on the direct and specific detection of “healthy” proteins (undamaged from oxidative stress) in food samples.

This approach allows defining a quality score associated to protein preservation from oxidative damage and develop an innovative quality seal for protein based products emphasizing human health safety.  Oxiproteomics innovation will first of all help high quality protein based products to be spotlighted and differentiated in the markets providing end consumers easy access to innovative information helping them selecting the best product. Oxiproteomics patented technology is remarkably specific and sensible and gives a high level of reproducibility. It can detect and quantify for the first time, the quality of thousands proteins in a single assay. To improve the general quality of food protein products on the market, this technology allows to help manufacturers to adapt the best transportation, packaging, storage, feeding… conditions to preserve protein quality.


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