Proven science services for dermo-cosmetic and food industries marketing claims substantiation and environmental quality bio-monitoring solutions to promote sustainable development.

OxiProteomics is a technology-based start-up (2014) committed to promote the healthy living & healthy aging of human population. Oxiproteomics was conceived after several years of cutting edge research in the early molecular events related  to ageing, age related diseases and oxidative stress. Proteins are the functional backbones of our body and our good health depends on their quality. Protein oxidation is an irreversible protein modification, impacting on decreased protein quality implicated in aging and age related diseases. A revolutionary technology was developed for the direct and specific detection of functional high quality proteins vs. oxidatively damaged proteins in biological or food samples, with a remarkably specificity and sensitivity. 

Oxiproteomics currently delivers services to dermo-cosmetic industries for efficacy validation from biological screening of new active ingredients up to marketing claims of finished products. Now, services have been diversified by providing novel solutions to food manufacturers, authorities and consumers to highlight and improve food protein quality.

The intake of foods with low levels of oxidized proteins protects body damages and reduced the risk of suffering health disorders such as coronary-heart diseases, neurodegenerative disorders and certain types of cancer. That’s why, Oxiproteomics provides an innovative quality seal for protein based products emphasizing human health safety. This can also provide solutions to value chain optimization from animal selection up to shelf life improvement.


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