Fresh, tasty and healthy Chlorella

Tasty, healthy food ingredient “Chlorella”, as powder or fresh liquid; produced in the Netherlands.

Fresh, tasty and healthy Chlorella


To use microalgae as green protein source and to profit from their healthy nutritional aspects, it is necessary to apply them in great amounts. Duplaco made this possible, producing a mild, tasty ‘Chlorella’, it does not have the typical predominant algae taste, but still contains all health promoting properties.

Heterotrophic cultivation

Duplaco developed an innovative fermentation process, called ‘heterotrophic’ cultivation, to produce these food- and feedgrade (micro)algae. Using this sustainable, fully controlled and sterile cultivation process, they are able to produce fresh, liquid Chlorella; 365 days per year.

Duplaco’s Chorella

Duplaco’s Chlorella has a high protein content (>45%) and contains all essential amino acids. Furthermore they contain healthy dietary fibres, many vitamins and minerals (e.g. rich in vitamin D and Iron) and they are extremely rich in antioxidants.

Duplaco provides their tasty Chlorella in the following forms:

  • Supplements
  • Powder
  • Fresh (liquid)


Duplaco produces and delivers the pure microalgae; it is up to their customers to explore the endless possibilities….