Producer of tasty, healthy and unique microalgae; available as powder or fresh liquid.

Duplaco is a producer of unique fresh Chlorella and a microalgae wholesale. They produce and develop food- and feedgrade (micro)algae using an innovative fermentation method, called ‘heterotrophic’ cultivation.

Using this unique, sustainable production method, the Chlorella is produced complete sterile and fully controlled; which ensures their high quality and good, mild taste. Together with their healthy nutritional aspects, they are very useful as food ingredient.

The Chlorella has a high protein content (>45%) and contains all essential amino acids. Furthermore they contain dietary fibres, many vitamins and minerals (e.g. rich in vitamin D and Iron) and they are extremely rich in antioxidants.

Duplaco provides their tasty Chlorella in the following forms:

  • Fresh (liquid)
  • Powder
  • Supplements