Feedball: spherical feed form to improve animal performance

Controlled and targeted release of animal feed via this innovative approach

Animal feed is usually made by milling, mixing and blending raw materials into a homogenous mixture and then pelletizing this composition into a feed pellet. Zetadec, a company that operates on the interface of raw materials on the one hand and processing technology on the other hand, developed an innovative spherical feed form which permits to layer raw materials on top of one another. This provides the nutritionist with the additional option of targeting the digestion of a specific raw material to a specific location in the digestive tract of the animal.

In an alternative setup, this spherical feed form can be used to release active ingredients in the intestine of the animal. The controlled release of ingredients, to only those locations where it is necessary, enables new possibilities to further improve feeding value and animal performance, thus adding value in animal production systems.

Zetadec has expertise on feed and compound feed targeting in farm animals, pets and fish. The raw materials and ingredients used include grains, by-products, feed additives and insects. New product ideas can be tested from lab-scale to full-scale operation in Zetadec’s facilities.