Analyzing, Solving and Improving your Animal Feed Manufacturing and Raw Materials Processing Operations.

Zetadec is a consultancy and contract R&D organization for the feed, food and biomass industry. Zetadec's core business is at the interface of raw materials and processing technology.

Zetadec provides added value for its customers by assisting in R&D, setting up new innovative processing lines, conceptualizing new production methods and troubleshooting existing lines in feed, food and biomass, taking into account the functional properties of the materials during processing. Zetadec's laboratory consists of two units; one unit is used for developing products and consists in part of (traditional) wet-chemistry analytical tools and procedures. The other unit is used for building and installing (prototypes of) lab-scale and pilot equipment, used in milling, extruding, granulating and coating of the various products Zetadec is working on.