eYeScan livestock growth monitor

Real-time measurement ensuring sufficient livestock growth and allowing early prediction of end weight.

One of the key profitability goals of modern livestock production is growth. Fancom develops systems for automatic and continuous monitoring of  the growth of pigs and poultry.

eYeScan is an automatic growth monitor for fatteners that uses camera technology in the house. An image scan is made each time a pig starts eating, enabling the computer to accurately calculate the animal's weight. Each image scan is automatically filtered by digital processing and compared to an arithmetic model. This prevents inferior quality image scans from affecting the reliability. There are simple calibration possibilities for correcting breed traits, so the weight is calculated with a maximum deviation of 3%. This process is entirely automatic, labor saving and stress-free for the animals.

eYeScan allows the behavior of a group of fatteners to be followed from day to day. Graphs and tables clearly illustrate the increasing line in the average growth of the animals. Daily growth monitoring enables even better forecasting of the delivery weight, leading to higher payout prices.

Potential Benefits of continuously weighing:

  • An up to date overview of the growth process in the pig house and the ability to make accurate predictions on end weights to avoid penalties from the slaughterhouse.
  • The ability to provide a mixture or ration that satisfies the animal’s requirements at the lowest possible cost. Providing more nutrition than required makes no economic sense, but providing not enough can have a negative effect on health and performance.
  • The environment can also influence the growth response through climatic conditions, management factors or disease challenges. Monitoring these closely can also result in the best outcome.