eYeNamic poultry behavior monitor

Early identification of abnormal behavior to optimize flock performance.

Fancom presents eYeNamic, an automatic behavior monitor for broilers. Cameras mounted in the ridge of the poultry house continuously monitor a part of the floor below. Analysis software translates these images into an index for animal migration and activity in the house, both of which are valuable indicators of animal welfare.

eYeNamic allows the behavior of a group of broilers to be followed from minute to minute. Clear overviews show the migration and activity of the animals. With proper distribution, the animals will not suffer from local over crowding, there is less mortality and more uniform growth. A lively activity of the animals will avoid leg problems, feed and water intake remain stable and animals will grow better.

This system helps the farmer to rapidly detect changes in the animals behavior indicating there is something going on. In this way the farmer can keep an eye on his birds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and respond quickly and adequate to abnormalities and changes.


  • Reduce the use of antibiotics and prevent diseases. By detection of characteristic patterns in the bird’s behavior it is possible to detect diseases in the animals in an early stage. A reduction in the use of antibiotics is healthier for both the animals and humans.
  • High quality label (welfare) of produced meat – by properly and quickly addressing various problems occurring during production, improvement of welfare of the animals is possible.

By using eYeNamic it is possible to optimize the performance of the flock, an animal that experiences good welfare and is healthy and will grow more efficiently under the right climatic conditions. By introducing the eyes of the farmer through technology it will be possible in the near future to have a continual assessment of the situation 24 x 7 with a reduced risk of minimum intervention.