Detection of nematodes and fungi in soil and plants

Simple and accurate nematode or fungi diagnostics

Until recently, microscopic identification of plant diseases was the exclusive domain of knowledgeable experts, hampering the throughput and volume of soil and plant samples analyzed. Increasingly, early detection of plant pathogens – especially in symptomless situations – proves to be an essential component of sustainable disease and risk management in modern agricultural practice.

Envisaging a future with an increasing demand for fast and cost effective diagnostic methods, ClearDetections provides user friendly DNA-based detection assays that are offered as all-inclusive Real-time PCR kits or as dedicated system (full analysis chain including all necessary hardware) to agricultural (inspection) laboratories worldwide. These assays enable high throughput, specific and sensitive detection of plant pathogenic (quarantine) nematodes and/or fungi in soil and (symptomless) plant tissue. Key element of the ClearDetections nematode assays is their unique ability to detect individuals of a single nematode species against a background of many unknown nematodes.

The all-inclusive Real-time PCR kits contain all essential elements for any laboratory to perform a Real-time PCR assay, enabling these laboratories to standardize their detection and control of introduction and spread of unwelcome plant diseases. In addition, specific DNA extraction kits are offered for the extraction of DNA from single or multiple nematodes isolated from samples. After extensive robustness testing under routine conditions, all methods and assays are validated according to the latest EPPO (European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization) guidelines. ClearDetections’ solutions enable plant health laboratories to switch from microscopy to molecular, DNA-based analyses, anticipating a future in which the demand for fast and effective testing methods will only increase.