ClearDetections is a prize winning life science initiative, delivering DNA-based assays for plant health diagnostics.

ClearDetections is the prizewinning life science initiative from Wageningen University and DutchSprouts, the innovative game changer in agriculture. ClearDetections’ solutions in advanced soil- and plant health diagnostics enable agricultural laboratories worldwide to offer farmers the best possible diagnostic service. The company foresees that the need for improved soil- and plant health diagnostics will drastically increase in the near future, as the world’s population grows towards 9 billion people and yield maximization is hampered by an increased susceptibility of crops to pests and diseases. With ~ 500 million farmers at hand, farming about one third of the world’s land area, the demand for fast and cost effective testing methods will only increase.

ClearDetections develops user friendly DNA-based assays that are offered as all-inclusive Real-time PCR kits to agricultural (inspection) laboratories worldwide. ‘Feeding the world’ is thus being enhanced and becoming more and more a reality.