Za’atar, the Lebanese spice mix, gets a gourmet makeover

The Good Thymes gives the Lebanese spice mix Za’atar a gourmet makeover.

In the Middle East region, specially in Lebanon, Zaatar is a staple, found in almost every home and on every kitchen table. Until a couple of years ago, the traditional mix consisted mainly of a few herbs such as thyme and oregano, with a dash of sumac spice. That all changed with The Good Thymes, the agriculture start-up that has introduced new and top-grade Zaatar mixes into the market, giving a national staple a gourmet boost.

Today, the brand offers a lineup of almost two dozen mixes and spices, created with the help of the best chefs and specialists in the country. New, unprecedented mixes include the addition of seeds, berries, fruits, along with different nuts, offering novel combinations such as Fruity Zaatar, Sea Salt Zaatar, Chili Sea Salt Zaatar, Superfooodie Zaatar, and Zaatar in herbal teas.

These new and creative mixes introduce foodies, younger generations and westerners to a topnotch brand that has elevated the humble Zaatar mix to artisanal levels, taking them on a savory journey that reveals the authentic taste of Lebanon through modern and inspired culinary creations.