Hum’N Go a grab-and-go hummus snack

Hum’N Go transformed traditional hummus plates into a healthy grab-and-go snack with two flavors.

Hum’N Go transformed the traditional plate of hummus into a healthy grab-and-go snack. The product cup includes brown breadsticks on one side and hummus on the other side. Hum’N Go currently comes in two flavors: original hummus and hummus with pomegranate molasses.

Hum’N Go was able to increase the shelf life of hummus from the standard 20 days to 6 months while remaining within EU standards which is a major asset for the export market.

Hummus is known to be a healthy food. There is a significant growth in the global hummus market. It is becoming a worldwide trend with hummus popping up in hundreds of restaurant menus and on supermarket shelves across the globe.The grab-and-go market is growing more than 20 percent year on year. This is because in today’s fast paced world, people prefer to grab their food on the go. For all these reasons, Hum’N Go identified a market opportunity for grab-and-go hummus and worked on realizing that.

Hum’N Go is currently found in 24/7 gas stations markets, diet centres, cinemas, office working spaces and schools. It is also suitable to be sold in airlines and trains.