Aviko Pure & Rustic Fries: fresh skin-on fries

The best skin-on fries ever: just four minutes in the oven.

Combining Aviko’s passion for potatoes with product and process innovations, Aviko Pure & Rustic Fries deliver deliciously crispy, homemade type of fries in only 3-4 minutes.

A tasty and healthier choice, fresh fries with the skin left on have significantly less fat and retain more taste and goodness. Prepared from the finest Agria potatoes, one of the best varieties for fries, their irregular lengths and dark golden colour make these fries impossible to distinguish from the best home-made. After just 3-4 minutes in the oven, you can serve your guests deliciously crispy, Aviko artisan fries, full of authentic potato flavour and texture.

Aviko Pure & Rustic Fries are perfect with steak or hamburgers, combine beautifully with fish and are a great accompaniment to a variety of dips. The fries are just one example of innovations that have resulted from Aviko’s close collaborations with leading research institutes, universities and growers.