Pulse Shack

Pulse Shack sells special dried pulses via the web shop and on markets. Inspiring recipes are published through the website.

Pulse Shack

Pulse Shack is a start-up with the ambition to increase the consumption of pulses. Pulse Shack sells specialty beans, lentils and peas via the web shop and on markets and inspires through the publication of recipes via the website. By increasing the consumption of beans, lentils and peas, Pulse Shack hopes to increase the nutritional profile and lower the environmental impact of our average diet.

The challenge

Food production, food security and climate change are intrinsically linked. With a growing world population, the challenge is to feed everybody a healthy diet, while respecting environmental boundaries.

Healthy and sustainable eating

Pulses should be part of a healthy and sustainable diet. Their good environmental profile and combination of nutrients makes them perfect for future proof diets: healthy and sustainable eating with a growing world population.

Pulse Shack shows that beans, lentils and peas can be part of every meal of the day.