Producer of Meat Substitutes.

Ojah is an ambitious company that texturizes plant proteins by high moisture extrusion processing, resulting in a revolutionary vegetable meat-like substitute with that particular ‘bite’ and texture.

These plant-based meat substitutes are sold with Beeter® logo (national) and Plenti® logo (international).

Ojah only uses two ingredients, which are plant-based proteins and water. More juicy than chicken, more tender than pork. However 100% plant based, gluten-free, GMO-free and clean label, and manufactured in Ojah’s BRC-certified facility in the Netherlands.

Ojah dreams of a vegetable revolution and produce sustainable plant protein products, to maximize this transition. With their products, Ojah wants to inspire people around the world to choose products made of plant proteins. Ojah believes that this can only be accomplished by working closely together with partners who know the local market.