Oceanz 3D printing

Oceanz is a 3D printing company that develops and creates 3D printing innovations making the difference in production processes.

Oceanz is a professional 3D printing company and has been familiar with the market, peers, and professionals for years. With acquired knowledge and concrete business cases, Oceanz has gained plenty of experience in various branches, including Industry, Food tech, the Medical field, Automotive and Aerospace.

Oceanz continuously broaden their knowledge, looks for novelties and is not shy of innovations and developments. Together with their customers, they develop and create 3D printing innovations that make the difference in every production process. The result: cost savings, reduction of failure costs and an increase in production capacity.

Food safe 3D printing -  EC 1935/2004
In order to deliver a food-safe 3D printed product, the material must be suitable according to the requirements of EC 1935/2004 and produced in accordance with the EC directive 2023/2006 (Good Manufacturing Process). Recently, Oceanz offers the possibility to 3D print through the EC 1935/2004 certification.  

Why 3D printing for the food (tech) industry?
The choice to opt for 3D printing within the food tech industry offers advantages such as design freedom. Think of the production of custom parts and complex or organic shapes. This, in particular, can be very attractive for food-related applications. It also enables small stocks and ensures rapid development from prototypes to functional parts. Some application examples: grippers, nozzles, machine parts, prototypes, robots, and drones. Oceanz Food Grade is also well applicable within the AgriTech sector.