An independent contract research company, developing solutions in the fields of flavor, texture, health, food safety and processing.

A private and independent contract research company with the largest food-grade processing centre in Europe. NIZO’s focus is on the development and applications of innovations for the global food industry and related markets.

Experts in bacteria, proteins and processing

The NIZO scientists, experts, operators and business develop managers work closely together with their customers to apply their combined expertise in bacteria, proteins and processing. NIZO works together with research institutes and universities worldwide to create the best solutions in food and health.

State of the art solutions

NIZO’s high-tech technologies and application capabilities enables building health claims, creating ‘clean label’ formulations, valorising side-streams, optimizing flavour and texture, maximize process efficiency, and more…


NIZO helps customers in dairy & cultures, infant & clinical nutrition, food & beverage & ingredients and live bacterial products & probiotics to improve and develop superior products and processes. Their solutions are used in diverse industries and applications: from dairy products and infant & clinical nutrition, to new treatment models and drug ingredients for serious diseases.

NIZO since 1948

Founded by the Dutch dairy industry, NIZO develops processes and products applying science and technology, both at lab scale and in their food grade processing centre. NIZO contributed to the development of famous cheeses, such as Leerdammer and Kernhem, and designed new processes, such as the NIZO butter process. In 2009, the NIZO management bought the company from the dairy industry. In 2016, Gilde Healthcare took a majority share in NIZO. Nowadays, NIZO remains a private and independent company working for food and health companies worldwide, applying their expertise in proteins, bacteria and processing. NIZO is based in Food Valley, the Netherlands.