Lithos Ingredients

Marketing and Sales Partner to world-wide manufacturers of functional, nature-inspired ingredients for food, drinks and food supplements.

Lithos Ingredients is a professional and innovative distribution company and exclusive Benelux-partner of several world-wide manufacturers of value-added ingredients. The ingredients portfolio contains specialties such as:

  • Plantbased Ingredients including spiceuticals, prebiotics, plantextracts and berrypowders;
  • Ingredients From Fermentation, such as resveratrol and aged black garlic
  • Marinebased Ingredients, including algae DHA, SOD, marine minerals;
  • Animal Derived Ingredients, such as native collagen and eggshell membrane
  • Synthetic And Miscellaneous Ingredients, like vitamins, minerals, premixes.

These ingredients are used in many different applications such as food supplements industry, bakery, dairy, drinks, dietetic food, clinical food, sport nutrition, infant formulas, and many more. The emphasis is clearly put on specialty and science-based ingredients inspired by nature.

Quality plays the lead part at Lithos Ingredients, which is expressed in the careful selection of suppliers, the quality systems in place and the overall, transparent working methods. Lithos Ingredients is BRC 8 agents/brokers (AA-status) and SKAL certified and has a sophisticated HACCP-system in place.

With her choice for specific “inspired by nature” health ingredients and extensive knowledge transfer, Lithos Ingredients wants to contribute to a healthy society.