Kikkoman Corporation

High quality naturally brewed soy sauce.

Today, Kikkoman is an international market player best known for producing Kikkoman Soy Sauce, using the traditional Japanese brewing process of honjozo. The Kikkoman brand is now synonymous with soy sauce worldwide. Kikkoman has ten production facilities in Japan, the USA, the Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, and China, from which they deliver to supermarkets, restaurants and households in over 100 countries.

Kikkoman stands for quality products and gourmet flavor, and aims to bring different dining cultures together in a rich, varied and modern food lifestyle.

The Kikkoman Group is engaged in several other areas in addition to soy sauce, including its Health-related Business and Oriental Food Wholesale Business. Kikkoman also develops new products in their capacity as the perpetual holders of the marketing rights for the Del Monte brand (Asia-Pacific and Oceania; with the exception of the Philippines.

It is Kikkoman’s promise to:

  • Provide high-quality products and services with integrity by continuously improving on our long tradition of techniques and know-how.
  • Propose a well-balanced and nutritious diet that brings out the flavor of ingredients and bring happiness to the world everyday by helping to support a healthy mind and body.
  • Create exciting new flavor experiences by fusing food cultures from around the world and propose a rich and varied food-lifestyle that matches the times.