Entoprot develops and delivers automated rolling drum type bioreactors for space efficient insect mass rearing.

Mission statement

Entoprot will be the leading provider of automated insect rearing technology in the world, especially in developed countries after 7 – 10 years. The bioreactors, having capacity of 10 – 20 cubic meter (inner volume)  will replace the old dated stacked boxes in cultivation of black soldier fly (BSF) larvae, and other species.

Company history

The company was founded in 2017, soon after the first patent application was filed. It was clear from the beginning that the invention would bring great business opportunities, the idea that insects could be reared in bioreactors was completely new to the art. The idea was based on a 30 year career in university, and scientific studies of physiology and genetics of Drosophila flies.

Ownership and Management Team.

The main owner of shares is Ari Riihimaa, the inventor of the bioreactor. The management team is composed of Ari Riihimaa, Antti Vasala who is Business Developer, and Markku Taulamo, business strategist / financing expert.


Entoprot sells bioreactors and provides guidance in their usage, maintenance service, plus microbial strains that guarantee steady growth of larvae and good feed conversion rate in the bioprocess.