Eatch is developing the world's first fully automated kitchen that meets the needs of restaurants, hospitals, caterers, cloud kitchens and more.

The way we consume our food is changing rapidly. Customers are more time-constrained and health-conscious than ever. They are seeking meals that are convenient, healthy, affordable and personalized to their preferences. Traditional out-of-home meal options are often too unhealthy or expensive to eat on a daily basis.

The automated kitchen of Eatch B.V. is an answer to these trends. The kitchen is able to produce meals that you normally cook at home, without a person having to do the cooking. This way Eatch offers a full alternative for you daily meal by making it quick, affordable, nutritious and based on your personal preferences. The need for this type of meals that are produced by this new platform technology makes it not only meet the needs of restaurants, but also hospitals, airports, company canteens and (online) supermarkets. Also the emergence of “dark kitchens ”(restaurants that only deliver) is an interesting market that is accelerating in the recent years.