arcenciel’s aims to promote diversity, integration, and development through 5 core programs including sustainable agriculture.

arcenciel is a Lebanese based non-profit organization established in 1985 during the Lebanese civil war. It was recognized as a public interest NGO in 1995 by Presidential Decree N7541.

arcenciel currently runs five programs: 1- Agriculture and Environment; 2- Mobility and Health; 3- Responsible Tourism and Culture; 4- Social Support; and 5-Youth Empowerment and Employment, in 12 centers distributed across all Lebanese regions (Greater Beirut, Beqaa, Mount-Lebanon, North, and South Lebanon). Besides these centers, and its France, and USA-based offices, arcenciel worked in Algeria, Egypt, Eretria, Ethiopia, Iraq, Jordan, Macedonia, Mozambique, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Turkey

arcenciel aims to vigorously advance national policies in all the sectors in which it is active, while keeping a non-confessional and apolitical stance. Furthermore, arcenciel is ISO 9001:2015 certified for management of projects since July 2018.

Adhering to the principles of sustainable development, arcenciel emphasizes the social and economic integration of marginalized people and communities back into society. It believes that every person, no matter the gravity of their handicap, can overcome their disability and contributing to the communities in which they live. arcenciel supports the diversity of society and encourages the sustainability and conservation of natural resources in all aspects of its work.