Production of fertilizer application equipment based on peristaltic pumps.

For almost 25 years Landbouwcommunicatie supports farmers to adopt best agricultural practices  concerning fertilizer use and application. Initially its Spreader Calibration Service and the development, production and sale of equipment for determining fertilizer quality on the farm, were the main activities of the  company. Examples are the fertilizer granule hardness tester and the fertilizer granule size tester.

The experience with fertilizer application in practice made clear however, that broadcasting of solid fertilizers would not be an appropriate technique to meet the environmental standards of the 21st century. Therefore, the first precision applicator was produced and introduced on the Dutch market. This applicator was designed for the application of liquid fertilizers (preferably from waste streams) in the root zone of  plants, always in combination with other operations like sowing or ridging.

In 2010 Landbouwcommunicatie joined the Dutch private-public program for the development  of precision agriculture and founded the Dutch Center for the Development of Fertilizer Placement (

Landbouwcommunicatie is based in Wageningen and is well known among the producers, distributors, scientists and users of fertilizers in the Netherlands.