Innovative functional ingredient company supporting the protein shift by providing novel plant-based protein alternatives.

AnuLife develops novel and sustainable plant protein ingredients that serve the alternative protein space by helping multinational food manufacturers master the sensory experience while delivering taste and nutrition at a competitive cost.

AnuLife’s vision is to have a sustainable planet with accessible nutrition for all. By reengineering the nutritional and medicinal properties of the sustainably sourced moringa tree, AnuLife is able to introduce nutrient-dense ingredients that provide alternatives for sources of protein that are unsustainable and provide little nutrition.

In addition to current offerings that include a nutrient-dense, high protein concentrate and isolate, AnuLife is developing a combined structured plant-protein with versatile food applications. By employing bio-based methods to improve texture, taste, and enhancing nutrition levels, this proprietary innovation is a highly desirable ingredient for meat and dairy alternatives. Its versatility takes it beyond burgers and makes it a staple ingredient that can be used in a wide variety of daily foods.