X-ray computer Tomography (XRT / CT): Non-invasive 3D imaging of internal structures

Scanner with two X-ray sources to non-invasively measure the 3D structure of food products, plants, seeds, soil, etc.

X-ray tomography (XRT) or micro-computer tomography (μCT) is a technique to measure non-invasively and non-destructively the threedimensional (3D) structure of an object with a spatial resolution down to 1 μm and in a time scale of minutes.

The scanner is equipped with two different X-ray sources. That makes the XRT suitable to measure the 3D structure with high spatial resolution of a broad range of product ranging from small (<mm-sized) low dense materials to large high dense (up to 40 cm, 50 kg) materials. Examples of application areas are:

  • Solid and semi-solid foods like foams, emulsions, meat(replacers), cheese, bread, cereals, etc.
  • Dynamical behaviour (stability in time) of above mentioned food systems
  • Colloidal particles in foods like fibres, starch granules, emulsion droplets, etc.
  • Root growth of plants in the soil
  • Soil morphology and soil macro fauna
  • Insects, fish, feathers, birds and other small animals
  • Plants, seeds, fibres, wood, paper
  • Rock morphology
  • Composite materials
  • 3D metrology