Wine Grenade – constant wine maturation using micro-oxigen device

Maturing wines in tanks with micro-oxygenation device.

The Wine Grenade device allows winemakers to recreate the process of oak barrel maturation without the use of oak barrels. The simple to operate, internet connected industrial device puts the process of micro-oxygenation within reach of all winemakers, irrespective of their size.

The Wine Grenade device originated from Plant & Food Research’s Ethylene Release Canister technology, originally developed as a postharvest treatment device for horticultural products. The device is placed in wine maturation tanks and diffuses small amounts of oxygen through a semi-permeable membrane which moves through the tank, applying oxygen consistently, eliminating bubbles and reducing the risk of oxidisation of the wine. This process mimics the natural oxygen permeation that takes place in oak barrels.

The Wine Grenade began as a collaboration between Plant & Food Research and students from the University of Auckland’s Master of Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship programme. The device has been commercialised through a company established by the student group and is now available to winemakers worldwide.