Tri Blend Select: a vegan shake providing complete protein

Herbalife Nutrition developed a vegan protein shake that can be a high-quality solution for people on plant-based diets.

Herbalife Nutrition has developed a unique vegan protein shake; Tri Blend Select. Tri Blend Select is composed of protein from pea, quinoa, flaxseed and rice. Many vegan shakes on the market do not provide complete protein, however our product provides 20 g complete protein per serving and contains all essential amino acids in amounts high enough to meet nutritional needs*. The plant protein blend in Tri Blend has been formulated to be a suitable replacement for milk protein. The product is gluten-free, low in sugar, high in fibre and contains organic ingredients, vitamin C and 7 naturally occurring key minerals, all in just 151 calories. As such, Tri Blend Select solves the problem of people on plant-based diets who lack high quality options to fulfil their protein needs. What is more, our product helps consumers to switch to a more sustainable diet, without compromising on protein accessibility, quality or taste.

* Tri Blend Select protein meets the protein requirements of both pre-school aged children and adults as defined by the WHO.