Fat ingredients for dairy alternatives

Natural and creamy fat ingredients for sustainable and appetizing dairy alternatives.

Being inspired by nature’s unrivalled engineering, TTM has developed food processing designs based on the preservation of the naturally occurring fat droplets inside the plants, called Oleosomes. Olesome’s unique structure (a fat droplet with a very strong membrane) makes them the ideal milk fat equivalent with a great potential for creamy plant-based dairy. TTMs approach is as simple as it is ingenious: using this perfected through the millennia technology and omit any need for mixing and stabilizing. All that is needed is to extract Oleosomes with fairly simple processing steps using only water without breaking them.

The advantages of such a process will be:

  • Resource- and cost-efficiency;
  • No additional emulsifiers nor mixing is required;
  • Completely natural fat droplets (Green label, no E-numbers);
  • High protein content. Proteins are co-extracted with Oleosomes;
  • Fat soluble vitamins (e.g. vitamin E) are maintained inside the droplets.

In addition, based on TTMs scientific knowledge, they can modify the properties of Oleosome extracts and obtain ingredients in the form of liquids, thick creams or powders before distributing it to their customers. The knowledge on the extraction and ingredient development processes is their strong proprietary know-how and has high potential to be protected with patents.