Unique test facility: The Green Protein Accelerator

A food grade pilot-production line enabling sustainable or ‘green’ proteins companies to accelerate their route-to-market

The Green Protein Accelerator is a unique food grade production line, available for start-ups, suppliers of green protein ingredients like legumes, algae, insects and settled companies that wish to claim their share of the fast growing meat-free business by means of innovative ‘green’ protein products.

Unit operations of the Green Protein Accelerator include mixing, shaping, heating, (pre-)frying, battering, preserving and packing. Balls, burgers, sticks, schnitzels are only a few of the concepts that can be tested. At a scale as small as 50 kg/batch, innovative ‘green protein’ concepts can be evaluated. Resulting samples are used for sampling, sensory evaluation, nutritional and functional characterization. They help identifying Unique Selling Points, detecting upscaling effects, convincing (launching) customers, inspiring investors, etc.

Bobeldijk Food Group understands the importance of industrial scale production, certainty of delivery and constant quality for meat free innovations to maximize their chance of success. Many green protein innovations fail to enter the market because shared food-grade facilities are lacking and are expensive in use. When available at large production sites, minimal ordering volumes need to be granted. The Green Protein Accelerator aims to take away these barriers and accelerate the route to market, thereby supporting the protein transition. The Green Protein Accelerator is located at an existing and renowned food producing company. Bobeldijk Food Group has a history of more than 40 years in the development, production and distribution of innovative food concepts. Experienced production managers assure high-quality, cost efficient and flexible production. Once developed and tested, production can directly be scaled up to industrial scale and distributed to sites all over Europe.