Premium, sustainably-produced haricots verts in a glass jar

Baltussen premium haricots verts combine high-consumer appreciation with a good income for local people

Everyone has the right to sufficient healthy and affordable food on their plate. This conviction led the Dutch company Baltussen Konservenfabriek to launch a premium haricots verts product, in premium glass jar packaging onto the market. The beans are grown, harvested and packed in Baltussen’s own factory in Tanzania, where the key focus is on combining high-quality and long shelf-life with a good income for the local people. 

The haricots verts are grown in fields close to the factory, which is located near Moshi in the north of Tanzania. They are packed by local people, carefully placed in crates and transported to Baltussen’s factory nearby. Immediately after harvesting, the individual beans are manually packed in glass jars from the Netherlands. Only water and salt are added, meaning the haricots are totally free from any other preservatives. The jars are sealed, and then sterilized in an autoclave, inactivating all microorganisms, before being shipped to Baltussen’s factory in the Netherlands. There they are checked, labelled and packed.

These haricots verts have a shelf-life of at least three years and come in two jar sizes – 370 ml and 720 ml. Baltussen’s customer base covers most of Western Europe.

Locally-packed organic haricots verts are in the pipeline, as are other (organic) pulses from Tanzania. They are expected on the market around the year 2020.