Rapid milk-fraud ELISA test

Detection of cow or buffalo milk in high-priced products like goats' milk made easy.

Milk fraud test

EuroProxima launches an innovative test for the demonstration of milk fraud based on a Cow and Buffalo specific sequence on the Kappa-Casein protein. This new laboratory test detects cow- and buffalo milk in the high-priced products that claim to be based on milk from other species (goat, sheep, camel, donkey, horse) or milk from other sources (grain-, legume- , nut- and seed milks). The assay uses a monoclonal antibody raised against a 5-amino acid sequence, specific for bovine κ-casein, an important milk protein.

ELISA test detecting bovine κ-casein protein

The test is an ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay) and can detect intact as well as heat-treated denatured bovine κ-casein. The ready-to-use plate and bovine κ-casein standard solutions provided in the kit make the performance of the assay easy. With just one wash step the test is ready within 2 hours. Sample preparation is a simple 1:100 dilution step; the results are presented as percentage cow and buffalo milk in the sample. The measurement range of the Milk Fraud Test is 0.25-50%.