Radio-frequency cooking for the food industry

Radio frequency heating-technology for meat cooking, preserves and can improve food quality.

Meats, such as chicken-breast filet and cooked luncheon meats, are usually finished or ‘cooked-off’ after production, to ensure optimum food safety. Such finishing, especially when done with indirect heating (steaming, cooking or grilling), is an energy and time consuming processing step. A novel radio frequency cooking-technology (RF), developed by RF Food Systems in cooperation with Zwanenberg Food Group, provides a sustainable and cost-efficient alternative that delivers equal or even improved product quality.

RF heating is a direct heating continuous process compared to conventional batch steaming treatments. The cooking process is much faster, more-balanced and covers the whole product without loss of texture, color or taste. Quite often, the taste after treatment is even better appreciated, compared with the traditional process. As RF is a continuous process compared with the trading batch processes it give great opportunities for cost-saving.

The patented RF-technology can be applied to any meat, single type or compound, that has to be cooked at a temperature between 50 and 100 degrees Celsius. Output is high, making it a perfect solution for manufacturers with large production volumes.