Printing & consultancy services tailored for food packaging

Eshuis specialized printing and consultancy services help you create outstanding food packaging.

Eshuis offers tailor-made printing and consultancy services that allow food manufacturers to use a product’s packaging to communicate its USPs (Unique Selling Points). Unique to Eshuis is how they think with the client about how to position products in the market. Their very individual approach has resulted in innovative, outstanding packaging concepts for both major and less major brands.

One example is Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign which ran, across Europe, during the summers of 2013 and 2014. During this campaign, Coca-Cola replaced the famous Coke logo, on the labels of PET bottles and cans, with over 2,500 personal names. Eshuis handled both the technical part of the printing process and the project management. The company worked together with a selection of printing companies (including competitors) across Europe, to get the huge amount of printing work done. They provided these printing companies with a detailed scenario/handbook that listed all the preparations needed to turn the campaign into a success – from the education of operators to the purchase of spare parts. Eshuis also led the development of a special red ink for the campaign. 

When needed, in agreement with the client and in collaboration with equipment builders, Eshuis develops tailor-made finishing machines, usually for special, ‘one-off’ jobs such as collector’s items (Heineken) and special occasions (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam).