De Wijndragers Premium flavored vinegar and rice oil

De Wijndragers Premium flavored rice oils and vinegars help cooks at every level prepare delicate-tasting dishes.

De Wijndragers Premium flavored oil and vinegar is an elegant line for premier professional cooking talent as well as the keen hobby chef. The products add a delicate and refined taste to a wide variety of dishes, from marinades and dressings to sauces and dressings.

The neutral character of the rice oil ensures that the added flavors really come to force. This in contrast to, for example, olive oil, which could predominate a product. Rice oil, rich in both omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids, can be heated to 250°C , though this will affect the intensity of the added flavor. The vinegar derives its sweet and soft taste from the ripe fruit it is distilled from.  The delicate balance between sour and sweet makes the product easy to apply in a wide range of dishes.

Both the oil and vinegar fit into a gluten free diet, and are made according to a traditional manufacturing process. The oil is heated first, after which natural flavoring ingredients, such as lemon and garlic, are added. These ingredients stay in the oil for 24 hours, after which the product is filtered, leaving bright, intensely colored oil. The vinegars are cooked together with the fruit, blended and sieved.

De Wijndragers Premium flavored oil has three flavors: Lemon Verbena, Boletes, and Roasted Garlic. The flavored vinegar also has three flavors: Black Cherry, Mango, and White Peach with Lavender. The oils can be applied together with the vinegar. Lemon Verbena oil with Mango vinegar, for example, makes an excellent combination.