Precision nutrition digital platform

Using individual‐specific information, Nutricare.Life encourages dietary behavior change that results in measurable health benefit.

Nutricare.Life is implementing precision in nutrition using individual‐specific information founded on evidence‐based science, digital nutritional markers, biological markers (nutrigenetic, gut microbiome, blood, and urine) to provide ultra-personalized recommendations on food and supplements that best suit nutritional needs to encourage dietary behaviour change that results in measurable health benefits.


1. Empowers people to be their own nutritionists.

2. Increases professional association (doctors, nutritionist) service quality implementing in their practice precision nutrition.

3. Provides a more personalized shopping experience to food retailers customers, clients/users will have their list of food and supplements to cover their nutritional deficiencies through the retailer app.

4. Restaurants, can add to their menu, nutritional information/facts to help customers to choose the best options for them.

5. Corporates, employees will receive a great value as they will have a nutrition partner in their pocket, making lunch or any other meal easier to choose.

6. Insurance/financial companies can adapt their services/product based on health status (body composition, abdominal circumference) similar like they do now for smokers or not smokers.