Pluckr: automated grape-picking and -destemming technology

Pluckr, automated grape picker technology for damage-free picking and destemming up to 600 kg grapes or berries an hour.

Pluckr: automated grape-picking and -destemming technology

Automated grape picker

In the process of picking consumer grapes it is important that the grapes come off the bunch undamaged. Manual picking is the – expensive – way to do this. Pluckr, the automated grape picker developed by foodlife and TOP, allows workers to pick more grapes from the bunch within a certain amount of time, enabling fruit processors to work cheaper and market pre-packed grapes at a lower price.

Pluckr system

The patented Pluckr system, which uses ultrasonic vibrations to rapidly de-bunch grapes and berries without damaging the fruit, is unique worldwide. The machine, winner of the Food Valley Award in 2014, has a capacity of 600 kg per hour. Since winning the Food Valley Award, the Pluckr has been further developed to connect to the specific wishes from the market for larger or smaller applications. After the introduction of the 4-head Pluckr, a 6-head variant has been developed for the convenience of larger processors, as well as a 1-head Pluckr.

Increased grape shelf life

Packing the picked berries and grapes in a sealed tray or cup in combination with the AMAP-technology can increase shelf life by up to 4 weeks.