Plant Performance and Energy Management System

TEKNOLOGIX has developed a software that improves production efficiency through transparent data transfer from shop floor to top floor.

TEKNOLOGIX has developed a software solution applied on food and beverage processing machinery which automates the generation of machinery related data reports. TEKNOLOGIX’s software solution programs the machinery in a way that they process the raw data stored within them into useful reports which can be analysed by the business owners. The main factor that differentiates the solution from other available products is the ability to communicate with almost any machine irrespective of the manufacturer, controller brand or type of process. 

With TEKNOLOGIX’s software solution, business owners now have a competitive edge in that they can pinpoint areas of loss within their production process and work towards minimizing it. Time was identified as the biggest loss contributing factor and as such the software helps management with time loss reduction by identifying malfunctioning or inefficient machinery which are consuming extra time. 

This innovation also contributes to the reduction of energy consumption in factories through its power, water and fuel consumption reports which allow for pinpointing energy waste and fixing it thereby reducing cost and positively impacting the environment. Food quality is another application, where production process values and quality related KPI’s are generated to monitored and analyzed to ensure compliance with specific industry standards.