Meatless®: 100% vegetable fibers from lupine, wheat or rice

50% reduction in fat and calories by using 20% Meatless in recipes for meat products, with no loss of quality or taste.

Meatless® is a 100% vegetable fibre, made from lupine, wheat or rice. These hydrated vegetable fibers are used in a broad range of applications. Meatless® is porous, has excellent mixing qualities and easily adopts taste and color. It is heat stable up to 200℃. It is used as a basic material for production of vegetarian food, but can also be used to partly substitute fish or meat in processed products in order to make these products more healthy and sustainable. Meatless® developed the idea to combine vegetable and animal products from 2006 onwards. Meatless® is leading in this combination technique and has recently added hypo-allergen versions to its range of products as well as certified organic versions.

Meatless® has full Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) reports and clean label policy. Meatless® is made of pure natural raw materials and contains no artificial binders, preservatives, coloring or flavor enhancers. The Meatless® technology offers a 50% reduction in fat and calories by using 20% Meatless® in recipes for burgers, meatballs, ground beef and sausages without changing taste, texture and quality.